Pictures of my Original Patterns


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Size Thread


Loop Bookmark


Good beginner piece. All rings and chains. I originally made this as a Christmas present for my Mother in Law.

Snowflake #1 with Crochet


Both this snowflake and the next two have a round of single crocheting around the outside. I saw tatting and crocheting put together in a book once and had to try to figure it out.

Snowflake #2 with Crochet


Snowflake #3 with Crochet (Large)


This is a large snowflake with beads in the first round and crocheting in the third. I made it for an exchange with Hope Green from Miami, Fl. (July 2001)

Counting Doily


The name comes from the fact that the size of the rings increases by one double stich in each round.

Easy Hanky Edging


Easy cloverleaf edging with lots of picots. This took a red ribbon at the Allegan County Fair.

Awareness Ribbon


This is an easy project for practicing split rings. Can be used for either AIDS awareness (red) or Breast Cancer awareness (Pink.) My wife asked me to develop this one after she came back from South Africa. AIDS is far to epidemic to ignore! Let's do our part to keep people aware.

Snowflake 4


This is one of the patterns I developed on vacation in Turkey.

Snowflake 5


This is another pattern I developed on vacation in Turkey. Note: The cloverleafs are supposed to overlap.

Small Butterfly


Another pattern from our vacation in Turkey. It was going to be a hanky edging, but it didn't turn out quite right, so I turned it into a butterfly.

Russian Cross


One more from our Turkey trip. Since we were in the realm of the Orthodox Church, I figured it would be appropriate to put together a Russian Cross. Unlike our western cross, the Russian version has three cross beams, the top represents the placard that proclaimed Jesus the "King of the Jews," the middle was the beam to which Christ's arms were nailed, and the bottom is the beam to which his feet were nailed. I haven't had time to starch and iron it, so it's a little rough yet.

Fair Doily


I made this for the Allegan County Fair (in Allegan, Michigan - USA) and took a blue ribbon for it.

Daisy Heart


This is not an original pattern; it is an old workbasket pattern. I don't typically go for hearts as decorations, but, I do like this one.

Cluny Edge


The edging uses cluny leaves and split rings - it is my first with both.

Easy Cross


I made this as a gift for a couple in our church who took care of our kids one evening - the most exciting thing about it (to me, at least) is that it's one of my mom's hand-dyed threads.

Kreinik Test

fine (#8)

This is just a test run with some new thread - it's Kreinik fine braid. Unfortunately, there's not a lot on each spool, and it's kind-of rough for tatting, but, I like the way it looks - I'll use it again!